1.Money Bag 9.90

Golden parcels filled with roasted coconut, mushroom corn & kaffir lime served with sweet chilli sauce

2.Steamed Dumpling 9.90

Filled with chicken and prawn

3.Spring Rolls (3 pcs) 8.90

Vegetarian spring rolls wrapped in crispy pastry

4.Rice Paper Rolls (3 pcs)

Vegetarian 7.90
Chicken 8.90
Prawn 9.90

5.Curry Puffs 8.90

Golden puff pastry crescents filled with potato, corn, peas & Thai spices

6.Mini Wings 8.90

Marinated mini chicken drumsticks, deep fried & served with sweet chilli sauce

7.Hoy Jor 8.90

Chicken mince & crab meat wrapped in crisp tofu skin, served with sticky plum sauce

8.Thai Fish Cakes 9.90

Minced fish combined with chilli paste and kaffir lime leaves, served with a cucumber & chilli dipping sauce

9.Prawn Cakes 9.90

Minced prawn & chicken patties with Thai spices, served with plum sauce

10.Satay 9.90

Grilled chicken skewers with Thai peanut sauce

11.Mixed Entrée 9.90

One piece each – Satay, Peak Gai Tod, Curry Puff, Hoy Jor

12.Duck Pancakes 9.90