Vegetables and tofu 16.90

Chicken, beef or pork 17.90

Lamb 21.90

Calamari 20.90

Seafood 21.90

Duck 24.90

Prawn 24.90

Salmon 25.90

42.Red Curry

Mild red curry with coconut cream, vegetables & basil

43.Yellow Curry

Aromatic yellow curry mildy spiced with turmeric, coconut cream and sweet potato

44.Panang Curry

Creamy panang curry with fragrant kaffir lime leaves, coconut cream, peas & basil

45.Green Curry

Spicy green curry with coconut cream, thai eggplant & basil

46.Jungle Curry

With red chilli paste, vegetables & basil (without coconut cream)

47.Massaman Curry (beef 19.90)

Tender beef braised in a mild Massaman curry with coconut cream, potato & cashew nuts